Friday, May 31, 2013



Hey guys! I want to tell you about this wonderful site called Smiley360 that lets you try products for free and rate them. It is very similar to my previous post about BzzAgent. I had only been signed up for a week with Smiley360 when I was approved for my first campaign for Emergen-C. I was so excited when I received it in the mail. It included five different flavors of Emergen-C. The cranberry-pomegranate and raspberry flavors were my favorites! After trying out the flavors, I shared my opinion of the product on Facebook, Twitter, on the Smiley360 website, and in person. I was really happy with Emergen-C and I love the fact that there are sites like Smiley360 that give people the opportunity to try out products. Sign-up is free and easy.

*I have received compensation for this post and my reviews.

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